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Reading and signing your contracts is done digitally. In your Adminbox you have access to all your interim contracts with one click. Is your assignment over? For five years, you can request your contracts at any time of the day via the Adminbox.

Log in directly to Adminbox here

Step 1: Create an account to log in on Adminbox [once-only]

When you started your very first contract with Forum Jobs, you reveived an activation mail about the Adminbox. With this mail you can activate your personal Adminbox. Did you lose the mail? Click on "Did not receive confirmation mail" to reset your password for the Adminbox.

Step 2: Create a mandate to sign contracts in the Adminbox

A mandate in the Adminbox is an electronic signature that allows you to digitally sign your contracts. You set it up the first time you are going to digitally sign a contract in the Adminbox. Do you no longer know your mandate? Click on "Did not receive confirmation mail" to reset your mandate.

Step 3: View and sign your contracts via Adminbox

You will receive an e-mail each time before the start-up that your contract is ready for you in your Adminbox. First you log in to the Adminbox with your password from step 1. Then you can sign the contract with the mandate you set in step


We have summarised the above information in a short manual. You will find the manual below

Download manual - Dutch

Download manual - Polish

Make changes in your Adminbox?

Do you want to change your e-mail address? Or do you want to change the notification of a new contract from SMS to e-mail? You can do this too by resetting your mandate and changing the notification preference.

Making changes to the Admi box

Questions or need help?

Contact your local Forum Jobs office, they will be happy to help you!

What do I do in case of illness?

What if I am ill during my temporary work period?

It can always happen that you are ill. If this is the case, it is important to follow these instructions.

Notify (at least 30 minutes before the start of your working day) both Forum Jobs and the company where you work. Always give notice by phone or e-mail; a text message is not valid.

Bring a medical certificate to your Forum Jobs office within 2 working days.

Make sure you are at home between 1 pm and 5 pm during the first 14 days of each illness for a possible check-up doctor.

Always have the doctor fill in a 'confidential' form. You will need this to report your illness to the health insurance company.

Do you have questions about this? Contact the Forum Jobs office that manages your file.

Every week you receive your payslip in your mailbox.

To be able to consult your payslips, you will receive an e-mail with a password after the activation of your file. Remember it well, with this password you can open the documents.

Do you have further questions about your pay? Contact your Forum Jobs office.

As a temporary worker, you are also entitled to an end-of-year bonus. For this, 2 conditions must be met:

- You have worked at least 65 working days or 494 hours for one or more temporary employment agencies.

- and this during the reference period 1 July of last year to 30 June of this year.

All days and hours on which you have paid social security count for the calculation of those 65 days and 494 hours (so also guaranteed salary, paid holidays, paid catch-up rest, etc.). If you have worked for different temp agencies in the reference period, the sum is taken.

The gross premium is equal to 8.33% of the gross salary that you earned as a temp during the reference year. From the gross premium is still deducted:

- 13.07% social security contributions

- 23.22% withholding tax (tax on professional income).

In December, you will receive a document from the Social Fund for Temporary Workers (SFU) that you must complete, sign and return, either to the SFU or to your trade union. Only then can the contribution be paid, either by the SFU or by your trade union, and this from January next year.

  • Mail a photocopy of your identity card to the office where you wish to register.
  • Forum Jobs will make a request and send you back your belgian national registration number.
  • This way, you can register online for a holiday job via our website.

As a working student, you do not pay income tax and a lower rate of social security contribution. However, you can only work 475 hours a year at this favourable rate. If you want to work more hours, you pay normal contributions.

This counter of 475 hours is called the contingent. The available hours are kept by the government. If we give you a contract and pay your hours, these hours are deducted from your quota. you can check at any time how many hours you still have available. Surf to Student@work.


Every year the amounts you are allowed to earn before you have to pay taxes change. For the most recent amounts we refer you to the site of the FOD Financiën.

Remain chargeable

Just as the limit amounts for taxes are indexed annually, the amounts to be spent also change annually. You will find the most recent data again on the site of the FOD Financiën.

As long as you do not work more than 475 hours and you are younger than 26, you retain the right to the growth package. If you work more than 475 hours, you retain your growth package. If you work more than 475 hours, you retain your growth package for the months in which you work less than 80 hours.

If you work more than 80 hours per month as a non-job student, then you lose your child benefit for that month. Because of your higher income, also take into account your taxes and whether you remain a dependant.

We strive for high-quality communication. This applies to both our temps and our candidates.

Have you been contacted by one of our Forum Jobs consultants?

Via, you can easily request to have your data removed from our systems. Please include sufficient information about the communication that was not relevant to you. We will then deal with it internally.

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