Discretion, our concern

Forum Jobs attaches great importance to the privacy of its temporary workers, employees and candidates and all other relations and visitors to our website. Personal data are therefore handled and secured with the utmost care, in accordance with the legal provisions of the GDPR/privacy legislation.

The company Forum Jobs is headquartered at 8800 Roeselare - Kwadestraat 149 a 5.1 and is responsible for data processing.

This privacy policy may be regularly revised or updated. We advise you to review it regularly.

This privacy statement applies to the websites,, www.forumfood,


Privacy statement: the present privacy statement of Forum Jobs nv.

Controller: Forum Jobs nv with headquarters at 8800 Roeselare - Kwadestraat 149 a 5.1.

Personal data: all data enabling the data subject to be directly or indirectly identified and/or identifiable.

Candidate: the natural person who has registered with Forum Jobs nv in order to be mediated to (other) work, assignments (whether or not employed by Forum Jobs nv).

Data subject: the natural person who provides one or more of his/her personal data to Forum Jobs nv. This person can be a (potential) employee (for a permanent job, for temporary employment or in outplacement, temporary employees, employees project-sourcing, freelancer) of Forum Jobs nv, as well as a (potential) candidate or a (potential) participant in a training course to be provided by Forum Jobs nv, or the natural person who is employed by or through the mediation of Forum Jobs nv on behalf of a client of Forum Jobs nv.

Employee: the natural person employed by Forum Jobs nv, at a client(s) of Forum Jobs nv.

Participant: the natural person in a course (co-)organised by Forum Jobs nv.

Training course: a meeting, training, workshop, seminar, theme day and/or course organised by Forum Jobs nv or by order of Forum Jobs nv.

Client: the natural person or legal entity issuing an order to Forum Jobs nv or entering into an agreement with Forum Jobs nv in the field of labour mediation, supplying employees and/or executing projects (whether or not by third parties).

Processor: companies and/or persons engaged by Forum Jobs nv to perform certain tasks;

Profile: the profile of the person involved with data concerning the education(s) followed by him/her and his/her (work) experience as well as all other data relevant to employment guidance, the supply of labour and/or the execution of projects.

Website: the website(s) operated by Forum Jobs nv, including and the portal(s) present on this (these) website(s).

Portal: a protected part or personal account on the Forum Jobs nv website(s) to which access can only be gained by using a username and password assigned by Forum Jobs nv.

CBPL: Commission for the Protection of Privacy the national supervisor of compliance with laws in Belgium regulating the use of personal data.


This privacy policy applies to the registration and processing of all personal data that the person concerned passes on to Forum Jobs nv in any way. This can be done through (online) registration forms, job days, (online) applications, the chatbot,...

It also concerns the notes taken during the job interview. All these data are treated with the utmost care and only used for the purposes described below. The regulations of the applicable law on personal data protection are followed.

So that Forum Jobs nv can perform its tasks, the person concerned provides the necessary personal data.

The purposes

Forum Jobs nv processes personal data for the following purposes:

The data subject is registered and this file is managed by Forum Jobs nv.

The person concerned gets access to the services, the portal and the website of Forum Jobs nv

The data subject and Forum Jobs nv enter into a candidate/employer-employer relationship.

This relationship includes

the guidance in the employment process,

a suitability assessment by Forum Jobs nv for a certain assignment or position,

the performance of (online) testings by the person concerned,

the search for and implementation of temporary and permanent assignments with users,

the person involved is informed about and introduced to clients and/or relations of Forum Jobs nv

training to be followed by the person concerned as part of the employment process

to employ the person involved, to have services and projects carried out at clients of Forum Jobs nv

to inform the person involved about items of relevance according to Forum Jobs nv, including new vacancies

the relationship is also necessary to carry out personnel, financial and payroll administration.

personal data are passed on by Forum Jobs nv to processors appointed by Forum Jobs nv to perform certain tasks.

Forum Jobs nv analyses the labour market and its own database to which the data of the person concerned belongs.

Personal data are used by Forum Jobs nv and passed on to clients, relations, subcontractors of Forum Jobs nv and to government bodies in the context of the candidature and/or employment relationship.

By registering/being registered, the person concerned grants Forum Jobs nv the right to use the data provided at the time of his/her registration for the stated purposes. When applying for a particular vacancy, the person concerned also grants Forum Jobs nv permission to contact him/her for similar vacancies.

Forum Jobs nv uses the data of the person concerned to inform him/her by e-mail, SMS or any other electronic means of communication about Forum Jobs nv's similar products and services.

The data subject may unsubscribe at any time by sending an e-mail to requesting that his/her data no longer be used for this purpose.

Transfer of data

Forum Jobs nv provides personal data of the data subject to third parties if:

this is already included in this Privacy statement;

Forum Jobs nv is entitled and/or obliged to do so by law and/or regulation, and/or is asked to do so by a governmental or other regulatory body;

this is necessary for Forum Jobs nv to protect its rights and/or property, or to prevent a crime and/or to protect the state security or safety of its candidates and employees;

this serves to verify the completeness and correctness of the personal data provided.

When the data subject's data are provided to a Processor through Forum Jobs nv or otherwise, this Processor will only be given access to the data subject's personal data if this is strictly necessary to perform the tasks assigned by Forum Jobs nv.

Forum Jobs nv forbids the Processor it has engaged not to provide or use the data subject's personal data to third parties for any other purpose than that for which the data was obtained.

In addition, Forum Jobs nv has taken the necessary measures to ensure that all transmitted personal data are adequately protected.

In addition, Forum Jobs nv may also pass on your data to its partners for the purpose of direct marketing.

In rare cases, Forum Jobs nv may have to disclose your personal data pursuant to a court order or to comply with other mandatory laws or regulations. Forum Jobs will make reasonable efforts to inform you in advance in this regard, unless this is subject to legal restrictions.


Employees of Forum Jobs nv, who have access to the personal data of the person concerned on behalf of Forum Jobs nv, are bound by a confidentiality clause.

Forum Jobs nv makes every effort with appropriate organisational and technical measures to secure the personal data against unlawful processing and/or loss.

In case third parties manage to circumvent these measures and/or use the personal data of the person concerned for improper purposes, Forum Jobs nv cannot be held responsible in any way.

Forum Jobs nv is in no way liable for possible damage resulting from the use of personal data by third parties to whom this data has been provided on the basis of this Privacy statement or with the consent of the person concerned.

Neither is Forum Jobs nv liable for compliance with the applicable laws and/or regulations (including privacy legislation) by these third party/parties.


Forum Jobs nv's liability for indirect damage is excluded in all cases.

Any possible liability is limited to a maximum of € 2,500 per event and a maximum of € 5,000 per calendar year per person involved with a limitation to the amount paid out by its insurance in a concrete case.

File management, right of inspection and amendments to Privacy Statement

The data subject may submit questions or comments on this privacy statement by e-mail to or by writing to the head office.

The party concerned may request Forum Jobs nv to inspect his or her file, have data amended, corrected or deleted by sending an e-mail to or by letter.

Forum Jobs nv reserves a reaction time of maximum four weeks after the request.

Forum Jobs nv has the right to amend this privacy statement at any time and the current one is posted online on the website.

If any provision of this privacy statement is wholly or partly void, voidable or in conflict with the law, it shall be deemed to stand alone and not applicable.

In such a case Forum Jobs nv shall replace the provision in question by a provision of equal purport which is not wholly or partly void, voidable or in conflict with the law. The other provisions of the privacy statement shall remain in full force and effect.

This privacy statement is governed by Belgian law. The court in Kortrijk is competent to take cognisance of any disputes.


The data collected via these websites are kept by Forum Jobs nv, depending on your profile, in order to be used for recruitment/selection of personnel, personnel and payroll administration and to keep you informed of our marketing actions and promotions. Unless you object, the collected data can be communicated to the other companies within Forum Jobs nv who can use this data to inform you about possible other offers within the framework of your search for work and the development of your personal career as well as the marketing actions and promotions of Forum Jobs nv.

You may object to the use of your data for advertising purposes by sending an e-mail to

The data collected via these websites are kept by Forum Jobs nv, depending on your request, and will be used for the management of your request and of the temporary worker's performance and to keep you informed of our marketing actions and promotions.

Thank you for informing us of any changes concerning your personal data. In accordance with the law of 8 December 1992, you have a right of access to and correction of your personal data. You can oppose the use of your data for advertising purposes free of charge by sending an e-mail to


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Forum Jobs nv expressly reserves the right to change the information on the website at any time.

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Company number Forum Jobs nv: BE 0460 046 650

Disputes: Any dispute relating to these websites is subject to the application of Belgian law. In the event of a dispute, only the Commercial Court of Ghent - Kortrijk department has jurisdiction.

Because we hold or process personal data about you, you have certain rights. If you wish to exercise these rights please consult To protect your privacy, we ask you to enclose a copy of your identity card.


Do you, as a company, have questions about how Forum Jobs handles privacy during our services or cooperation? If so, please contact us at


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