The latest iPhone, a plane ticket to the sun or maybe a first car? As a student you can always use some extra pocket money! At Forum Jobs we are looking for student jobs that look good on your CV. Register now and who knows, you might soon be checking in on Ibiza with your cool iPhone. And maybe there will be some money left to treat your friends to a glass of rosé.


How does it work?

Registering online is piece of cake! You only need your national number. You tell us the period in which you are available and we will immediately get to work!
If you are already registered, it is best to visit one of our Forum Jobs offices for an update of your registration.

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Who can work as a student?

You can work as a student if your main activity is studying. This means that the majority of your time should be spent studying. If you work 2 days a week while going to school 3 days a week there is no problem. Did you graduate in June? Then you may still work until September 30 at the reduced contributions. Are you quitting school and not continuing your education? Then you may no longer work as a student.
We always have a large number if interesting student jobs in our portfolio. Take a look on the site or contract one of our colleagues.

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