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As professional matchmakers, we look beyond a job description. We ensure a professional click between candidates and entrepreneurs.
Thanks to smart recruitment and a customized recruitment plan, we will undoubtedly find the right match for your company.

What do we offer?

- Selection of labourers, servants, work students and flexi-jobbers.
- Quick filling of your vacancies
- A flexible, tailor-made personnel policy.
- A thorough analysis of the function with attention for your company culture
- Targeted recruitment campaigns with professional photography and film reports.
- Thorough screening of our candidates.
- A correct administration and a specialized payroll service.

Looking for an employee?


You have selected someone yourself and want us to handle everything perfectly administratively? We have years of experience in payroll and personnel administration and are happy to assist you with our professional advice.


Onze HR oplossingen voor uw noden

Forum Jobs doet meer dan enkel vacatures invullen. Wij zijn een echte HR-partner die meedenkt met jouw onderneming. Wij helpen u niet alleen met vacatures in te vullen, maar wij bieden u ook het nodige advies en ondersteuning om die talenten te behouden.

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