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A unique vision.

Forum Jobs is synonymous with growth. Because this temping partner is growing fast: in recent years, four times faster than the market.

The success story began March 1997 with the establishment of the first office in Roeselare. Since the very beginning, the manager has had a unique vision on temporary employment: an exclusive focus on quality service, specialisation and long-term relationships.

This vision is greatly appreciated, because 24 years and 48 offices later, it has grown into a respected HR partner, with 200 permanent employees. New offices are opened every year.

The headquarters are located on the beautiful Westwing Park in Roeselare, allowing Forum Jobs to stay true to its roots.

Vision Forum Jobs
Resilience and growth run like a thread through the story of Forum Jobs!
Kristof Sanders, CEO Forum Jobs
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We are more than a temporary employment agency. We are a qualitative long-term HR partner. We conncect the dots.
Marjolein Geens, Commercial Director
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We do more than just fill vacancies, says Marjolein Geens, commercial director of Forum Jobs. We ensure a professional click between entrepreneurs and candidates. We do everything in our power to realise this match quickly and with quality. We connect the dots!

We are a specialised, long term HR partner for our clients. We offer a quality service with an eye for their individual staffing needs. Our strengths are an adapted and professional service.

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Our 48 offices are spread from Ypres to Genk, in the provinces of Flanders, Brussels and Hainaut. And we continue to grow!
Kristof Sanders, CEO Forum jobs
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2020 was a real challenge. Of course, there was the corona challenge. Our sector found itself in turbulent waters. Fortunately, we were already far along in our digitisation process, which made it easy for us to switch.

But it was also the year that Forum Jobs got a complete makeover: a fresh and professional look that perfectly matches our ambitions to continue growing as a company. We opened two new branches in Genk and Menen. And we are far from finished!

Sector figures show that, by the end of 2020, we will have recovered better than the market. This resilience and flexibility is typical of Forum Jobs.

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Nomination Trends Gazellen

Forum Jobs was nominated for the first time in 2020 for the Trends Gazelles.

We are looking forward to the award ceremony on 24 March, but we are especially proud of the beautiful recognition of our growth story, concludes Kristof Sanders.

Gazelles are fast working growing companies that have experienced strong growth in added value, staffing levels and cash flow over the past 5 years.

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