Yes! It's Friday! That fifth day of the week is always a bit more special than the rest :-).

But how do you leave for the weekend without any worries?
We would like to give you 10 tips.

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1. Make a to-do list for next week

-> Write down what you still have to do for the following Monday that you no longer have to think about at home.

2. Tidy up your desk

-> Not only does it look better, it's also more fun to work on the following Monday.

3. Answer the most urgent messages first

-> Make sure you answer the most urgent/important messages on Friday afternoon. That way, after the weekend, you can start on the less urgent ones.

4. Turn off your notifications after you have finished work

-> On Friday evening, turn off your notifications so you can start the weekend undisturbed.

5. Check if everything is saved or backed up

-> It's not just your desk you should clean up, but your computer as well. Delete the things you don't need anymore and make sure everything is saved. That way you can start the following Monday without chaos.

6. Keep the evening in mind

-> This can be a motivation to persevere a little more before going home.

7. Save the easiest to-do's for the end of the day

-> You won't need much energy for this. You don't always do your best work in the last hour, so it's a good idea to save the easy tasks.

8. Finish with an empty mailbox

-> Make sure that you can finish with an empty mailbox. Organise the mails in different folders so that you have an overview of the new mails and the old ones.

9. Look back on what you have accomplished this week

-> Looking back on your work is very important. It gives you a satisfied feeling. So you can go home happy.

10. Wish your colleagues a nice weekend

-> It may be a small effort but it has a big effect on the happiness of your colleagues.

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