Vacancy Sales Representative

General info

Region: West Flanders
Town: Egem
Contract : Interim job with fixed work option
Job Statute: Worker
Time control: Day shift

Function description

For a NON-food store in PIttem and Izegem, a very successful local company with two branches and a commercial space of about 12.000 sqm, we are looking for sales representatives.

The company highly values customer orientation and wants to offer quality service. In both stores, respectively in Pittem and Izegem, the customer can find a wide range of products at very advantageous prices.


Your job involves maintaining order in the fashion department. You make sure that all clothes are neatly folded and put in the right place, regularly restock missing goods etc. In short: you are responsible for creating a pleasant shopping environment for the customer. You will also be responsible for guiding customers when they ask for your help.