Vacancy Controller For The Dyeing Department (Tufting)

General info

Region: West Flanders
Town: Aarsele
Contract : Interim job with fixed work option
Arbeidsovereenkomst: Voltijds
Job Statute: Worker
Time control: 2 shift system

Function description

You will feed and operate one or more industrial machines for the production of fabric or jersey by the yard, in strips or in form (tufting).
Work in accordance with safety rules and production requirements (quality, deadlines, etc.)
You will check the appearance of the textile product
Additional activities may include: setting up the plant, carrying out basic maintenance on machines, analysing production data and proposing necessary adjustments, coordinating a team



Do you speak fluent in English or/and Dutch
You have strong and fine motor skills.
Are you organized.
You can work tidy and clean.
Are you resistant to stress.
You can work in two shifts.


Minimum 2 years of experience required

Drivers license:

No driver's licence required


Dutch: zeer goed



-Chance to grow

-Good salary

-Long-term job

-Opportunity to learn and advance within the company.

Salary: Hourly rate

Study selection

Study selection:

3de graad technisch secundair onderwijs (TSO3)

How to apply for this job?

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How to apply for this job?