Vacancy Shift Supervisor - Night Shift

General info

Region: West Flanders
Town: Meulebeke
Contract : Interim job with fixed work option
Job Statute: Worker
Time control: Night shift

Function description

Using a unique and high-tech production process, synthetic fibres are bonded in different ways (mechanically, thermally or chemically). The result is a highly innovative and versatile product: a non-woven product.

Many renowned brands create added value with this innovative product in a wide range of applications: hygiene (diapers), medical dressings, automotive industry (hat boards, acoustic door panels, etc.), insulation (thermal and acoustic), filtration (air conditioning systems), confectionery (lining of clothes).

We have extensive, high-tech machinery. Recently also a completely new production line and an ultramodern warehouse.

Your function:

  • As shift manager, you are responsible for the operation of the entire line. (line 4 or line 15)
  • You know all the positions and can therefore intervene anywhere if necessary.
  • You also fix minor faults.
  • In addition, you also carry out spot checks and check parameters (weight, thickness, tensile strength). You determine whether the product is good or bad.