Vacancy Forklift Driver -2 Shifts

General info

Region: East Flanders
Town: Desteldonk
Contract : Interim job with fixed work option
Job Statute: Worker
Time control: 2 shift system

Function description

As a forklift driver, you will work in our logistics department and be responsible for the following:

You take produced pallets off the roller conveyor.
You check the pallets and place them in the buffer.
You provide the pallets with the correct label.
Storing the buffered pallets in the intended place outside or inside.
You provide pallets placed on the ground with wooden slats so that pallets can be stacked on them.
You are responsible for loading trucks: you inform the truck driver of the loading location, you load the trucks according to the picking list, ...
You are responsible for filling out the documents correctly and accurately.
You report to the Logistics Manager.