Vacancy Bulldozer Driver- 2 Shifts

General info

Region: East Flanders
Town: Desteldonk
Contract : Interim job with fixed work option
Job Statute: Worker
Time control: 2 shift system

Function description

Filling and keeping the bunkers of mixing lines full.
Ensuring that the right raw material is unloaded into the right bunker.
Ensuring that the trucks with sod are unloaded.
In charge of making the special mixtures and pre-mixing with the loading shovel.
Replenishing fertilizer and lime bunkers.
Taking samples.
Filling the fractioning plants and the sod screen so that these screens can continuously run with raw materials.
Cleaning the sieves after each shift.
Cleaning up and keeping the screening plants in order.
Daily maintenance of the loading shovel.
Completing documents accurately and returning them to the team leader.