Vacancy Assistant Shift Manager (M/F) - 2 Shifts

General info

Region: East Flanders
Town: Eke
Contract : Interim job with fixed work option
Job Statute: Worker
Time control: 2 shift system

Function description

For a client known in the food sector region Nazareth we are looking for an assistant shift manager.

You will be responsible for independently managing 2 production lines.


Starting up the line
Adjusting the various machines within the line in order to obtain the correct product quality and the intended yield
Conversion of the line in case of product change
Cleaning of machines during conversion
Monitoring the proper functioning of each component in the line and making timely adjustments
Checking whether the correct raw materials are used
Starting and stopping orders + consuming raw materials via our ERP system (SAP)
Checking quality in cooperation with the QC employee
Resolve minor malfunctions on the line and assist the technician with major breakdowns