You can contact us by phone or visit us at our offices in .

We are open

Monday to Friday: 08:30 – 12:30 / 13:00 – 17:00

Phone number: +32 499 79 99 96


Work Related

The statutory working week is 38 hours (in some companies 39/40 hours).
Sometimes overtime is possible, and we always inform you about it.

Typically, we extend invitations to each employee to visit our Belgium office on Monday mornings.

A delightful breakfast awaits your arrival.

In the event transportation poses any challenges, we offer guidance on the most suitable means of traveling to Belgium.
The first day is dedicated to organizational matters, guided by our coordinators, who handle all necessary formalities on your behalf, including:

Introduction to Forum Jobs Wowit operations:

Registration of your status as our employee in Belgium, entailing the issuance of a National Number.

- Presentation of the company-specific regulations governing your employment.

Provision of a comprehensive starter kit containing all requisite documents for your review and signature, including the employment contract, health and safety guidelines, housing agreement, accommodation conditions, and more.

Assistance, should you desire, in opening a Belgian bank account (recommended).

Issuance of the required work attire and safety boots on your first day.

Coordination of transportation to your designated place of residence.

Orientation on the management structure of the company where you will be employed, along with comprehensive information on workplace safety.

Our objective is to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition into your role within our organization in Belgium.

Accidents can occur in any setting, so we emphasize the importance of exercising caution at all times. However, in the event of an accident, it is crucial that you promptly notify your team leader and inform us immediately. Please make a note of the time of the incident and make an effort to identify any potential witnesses. If required, we will arrange for you to see a medical professional and provide you with the requisite documentation to take with you.


Your weekly payment will be transferred every Thursday of Friday of the following week. If it doesn’t reach your bank account (which practically never happens), it could be because the bank is closed for a national holiday. Wait until Monday, and if the funds are still not on your account – call us.

Holiday pay is 15.38% of your gross income. It will be paid at the end of May or early June in the following year. If you’re no longer in Belgium when this bonus is paid, you’ll have to fill out an L76 form in order to receive the money in your foreign bank account. You can find this form in your starter folder which you receive from Link2Europe on your first day of work.

This is paid at the end of December or early January.